I am a skills and personal development coach based in Edinburgh and currently provide online coaching across the UK.

Caroline KingI provide clients with a safe space in which to explore their ideas and options.  Using a range of coaching tools and techniques, clients are supported to focus on what they want to achieve and identify what they need to do in order to get there.

My coaching approach draws on over 20 years’ experience  gained in careers guidance, coaching, and learning & development.

My aim as a coach is to prevent people from feeling overwhelmed and to help them objectively explore options that will enable them to make informed decisions.




I am an accredited Master Coach and registered professional member of International Authority of Professional Coaching & Mentoring and Career Development Institute. I am also a certified Action Learning Set Facilitator.

I have over 11 years’ experience as head of learning and development with a leading national social care and support organisation. This executive role had strategic responsibility for on-boarding and workforce development.

Prior to that, I gained over 10 years’ experience working as a careers guidance practitioner – providing help and support for adults with a range of career and skills development needs. I also provided redundancy support to organisations including one-to-one coaching sessions and group employability workshops.




If you choose to work with me, I will help and support you to clarify your thinking and look at realistic options for you. I will help you to develop action plans for setting and achieving specific, measurable goals.


  • would benefit from working with someone who’s style is calm and supportive
  • are willing to be challenged and explore options with an open mind
  • are ready to take action knowing they will be supported to problem solve
  • will be open and honest with someone who listens without judgement


  • regained focus and increased self-belief
  • ability to have a wider perspective and see all possibilities or opportunities
  • understanding of the ‘heart of the matter’ and belief that solutions can be found within themselves
  • increased self-confidence and motivation



My clients include managers and team leaders wishing to make changes to help them make better use of their time and skills; Individuals who wish to cope better with change and challenges in their personal or professional life, or who wish to make a transition into a different career or retirement.

“I was faced by a profusion of choices and was struggling to make a decision about my next steps. I didn’t feel that someone from within my organization could bring the objectivity and clarity I needed, so sought coaching support… and my expectations were completely met. My coaching journey gave me a focus, or rather, an approach for sorting through the profusion of choices, and find the solution that was right for me. If you had told me that, by the time I had finished my coaching sessions with Caroline, I would have gained a promotion and launched a business: I would have thought you were crazy! It’s a testimony to Caroline’s clear use of questions, and focus on bringing out my strengths, that this happened. She gave me space to think and grounded me in what I am truly good at. The results speak for themselves!
Thanks, so much Caroline.”


“I was nearing retirement and feeling the pace and quantity of work was becoming unmanageable. Some strained relationships also raised some questions: Should I look for a new job (which I felt would be challenging at my age)? Should I apply for a demoted post? Should I retire early? Or, should I just stay it out in my current post?  Not knowing what to do was causing me anxiety and feeling like I wanted to run away. Caroline is calm in the storm. She is the voice of reason who challenged my thinking and helped me sort through the tangled threads that had me confused.  Caroline helped me to see situations in a new light and consider ways to deal with difficult situations. Caroline helped me to reach a decision about what is best for me and my future. I am happy with my choice but could not have made it without Caroline’s calm, non-judgemental attitude, acute listening skills and vast wealth of knowledge. I will always be grateful that I sought her help and did not make any rash decisions on my own.  Caroline is a skilled coach: she is reliable, has integrity and will always be on your side. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is unsure of the way ahead.”


“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Caroline, and I found a sense of calmness to order my thoughts. Caroline’s approach is practical, understanding and calm and she has a natural warmness that puts you at ease to work through key issues.”





Ready to get back on track?

I offer a free, no obligation, 20 minute session for you to find out more about skills and development coaching and decide if we will be a good fit to work together on achieving your goals.

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